World Current Affairs MCQS Set 25

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World Current Affairs MCQS
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Annual Meeting 2013 of World Economic Forum was held in
Geneva Switzerland
Bern Switzerland
None of these
Davos Switzerland

______seats reserved for non-Muslim minorities are distributed by proportional representation based on the parties share of the directly elected seats.
15 seats
20 seats
10 seats
25 seats

Who is the current UN secretary general?
ban ki moon
asha- rose migiro
mr.nassir abdulaziz al-nasser

Two key US Senators have introduced legislation in the US Senate asking for the Haqqani Network to be designated as a FTO on 10th July 2012. Name the senators?
Senator Robert Gate & Senator Saxby Chambliss
None of these
Senator & Dianne Feinstein & Senator Saxby Chambliss
Senator Richard Olson & Senator Saxby Chambliss

On which data the supreme court of pakistan had ordered arrest of the former ogra chairman tauqeer sadiq.
december 17 2012
december 19 2012
december 202012

Who won the wimbledon open men title july 2013?
rafael nadal
andy murray
roger federar
novak djokovic

Who defeated roger federar to win italian open 2013?
Rafael nadal
Novak djokovic
Andrew rowdy
Andy murray

CIA Director David Petraeus on______resigned as head of the leading US spy agency shocking the intelligence community

In which city does the hot air balloon crashed in February 2013 because of mid-air gas explosion that killed 19 European and Asian tourists.the blast took place at 1000 feet(300 Metres).the deceased were from Hong KongjapanFrance and Britain.
yarra valley

Irelands government on 1 may 2013 unveiled the protection of life durning_ it explains when life saving abortions can be performed.moreoverits a clarification of rights within the ambit of current law.
abortion law
protection of life bill
right to live bill
pregnancy bill

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