World Current Affairs MCQS Set 18

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World Current Affairs MCQS
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Who won the finals of brazil open 2013 by defeating argentinean david Nalbandian in February 2013?
novak djokovic
andy murray
rafael nadal
david ferrer

Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister of
United Kingdom

On 14 february 2013 most if the victims of quetta were members of the predominantly shia twelver ethnic of
afridi community
hazara community
none of these
arkzai community

Who is the current secretary general of economic cooperation organization (ECO)?
Muhammad yahya maroofi
seyed mojtaba arastou
khurshidn anwar
dr.shamil aleskerov

It is believed that the first bombing attack involving bin Laden was the ______ bombing of the Gold Mihor Hotel in Aden in which two people were killed.
29th December 2012
24th December 1992
26th December 2012
19th December 1992

Microsoft has rebranded its iconic Hotmail to a new email.Name of the same?
None of these

The term Black Box is more commonly used in relation to which of the following?
It is a time capsule in which records of important events are kept to be opened at a late date
It is a fight recorder in an aero plane
It is a box in which high grade uranium is kept to prevent radiation
One of these

The countrys first metro bus service (mbs).the muchtrumpeted project of the punjab government in collaboration with the
indonesian government
malaysia government
iran government
turkish government

US imposed sanctions on which Hezbollah leader for attacking US soldiers in Iraq?
None of these
Ali Khan Daqduq
Ali Husain Mosa
Ali Mosa Daqduq

When IMF Mission and Government of Pakistan reached a staff-level Agreement on EFE-supported program?
7th July 2013
4th July 2013
9th July 2013
6th July 2013

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