Solved Chemistry MCQS Set 6

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Solved Chemistry MCQS
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Ionic solids with defects, contain
Interstitial anions and anion vacancies
Cation vacancies only
Equal number of cation and anion vacancies
Cation vacancies and interstitial cations

Which of the following value ofHf represent that product is least stable?
+64.8 kcal mol-1
-94.0 kcal mol-1
+21.4 kcal mol-1
-231.6 kcal mol-1

During the folding of filter paper the apex form angle of about

Which of the following with aqueous KOH will give acetaldehyde?
Chloroacetic acid
Ethyl chloride
1, 1-Dichloroethane
1, 2-Dichloroethane

At room temperature formaldehyde is
None of the above

The treatment of benzene with isobutene in the presence of sulphuric acid give
isobutyl benzene
no reaction
n- Butyl benzene
tert-Butyl benzene

Which of the following cannot be produced by acidic dehydration of alcohols?
Alkyl Hydrogen sulphate

Red P can be obtained from white P by
Dissolving it in CS2and crystallzing
Distilling it in an inert atmosphere
Heating it with a catalyst in an inert atmosphere
Melting it and pouring the liquid into water

The digestion of fats in the intestines is aided by

Which one is primary alcohol?
2, 3-Dimethylhexane-4-ol

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