Solved Chemistry MCQS Set 2

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Solved Chemistry MCQS
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When quantity of electricity passed is one faraday then the mass deposited at the electrode is equal to
Electrochemical equivalent
One gm. atomic weight
One gm. equivalent weight
None of the above

A zero order reaction is one whose rate is independent of
The concentration of the products
Temperature of the reaction
The concentration of the reactants
The material of the vessel in which the reaction is carried out

Calcium acetate when dry distilled
Acetic anhydride

Toluene can be oxidized to benzoic acid by

The kinetic theory of gases predicts that total kinetic energy of a gaseous assemble depends on
Pressure of the gas
Volume of the gas
Pressure, temperature, and volume of the gas.
Temperature of the gas

Ascorbic acid is chemical name of
Vitamin B6
Vitamin A
Vitamin D
Vitamin C

The isomers due to the unequal distribution of carbon atoms on either side of the functional group belonging to the same homologous series are called
Functional isomers
Chain isomers
Position isomers

Galena is an ore of

What quantity of limestone (CaCO3) on heating will give 56 kg of CaO?
56 kg
1000 kg
44 kg
100 kg

The weight of 11.2 litres of CO2at S.T.P. would be
88 g
44 g
22 g
32 g

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