Principles of Banking I Com Part 2 MCQS Set 2

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Principles of Banking I Com Part 2 MCQS

Capital market does not deal in
Treasury bills

The change in demand and supply of foreign currency effects
Traveller’s L.C
None of these
Letter of credit
Exchange rate

It is necessary for scheduled bank to
Act on the instructions of central bank
Get the books checked
Al them
Submit report to central bank

Which type of loan is advanced by commercial banks for meeting day-to-day requirements:
Short term loan
Medium term loan
All of the above
Long term loan

Bills of exchange is
All of the above
A promise to pay
A request to pay
An order to pay

Which term is used in connection with monetary policy
Bank rate
Market rate
Exchange rate
Wage rate

Which of the following terms is used regarding the confirmation of death of bank customer
Closed account
Deceased account
Cancelled account
Stopped account

Bank is bound to honour the cheque of customer if:
Cheque is according to rules of conduct
Required amount is available in amount
All of them
There is no restriction by government

Main uses of bank funds are
Advancing loans
None of these
Both a and b
Direct investment

Non-scheduled bank can
Attain the of public confidence
Open new branch without permission
All the above
Deal in foreign exchange

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