Principles of Banking I Com Part 2 MCQS Set 4

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Principles of Banking I Com Part 2 MCQS
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Which of the following is an order of payment by one post office for another post office
Both a and b
Money order
None of these
Postal order

The loan which can be demanded at any time are called
Short term loans
All the above
Demand loans

The term foreign exchange includes
Foreign B/E
Bank draft
All of them
Letter of credit

Commercial bank advises its customers on
Financial matters
Household matters
All the above
Political matters

Which is appointed by govt. to certify the negotiable instrument:
Public attorney
Notary public
Giazetted Officer
Private attorney

What is the number of members in the management body of ZTBL

Customer can withdraw money only after the expiry of fixed time
From fixed deposit
From current account
From saving account
From all the above

Over draft facility is only provided on:
All of the above
Current account
Saving account
Fixed deposit

The loan which is granted by by bank to account holder on temporary basis called
Cash credit
Demand loan
None of the above

The statement of Pakistan was inaugurated by:

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