MCQS of Physical Education Class 11 Chapter 5

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MCQS of Physical Education Class 11
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The competitor will be shown a ______ flag before the last 15 seconds

The competitor may leave the circle when
The discus has landed
The next competitor comes
The discus is thrown
The discus is brought back

On the field each competitor is allowed ______ practice throws

How many lanes in track of relay race?

The order in which the competitors play is decided by
The organizers
By competitors choice
By drawing lots
By spectators choice

What is the track of Relay Race?
7 x 100
6 x 100
5 x 100
4 x 100

The competitors are given 3 attempts when there are competitors
Less than 6
Less than 8
More than 6
More than 8

The competitors are given 6 attempts each when there are competitors
8 or less
10 or less
6 or less
12 or less

The discus used in the match is
Other competitors

The competitor must start the throw within
10 minutes
5 minutes
2 minutes
1 minute

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