MCQ of Maths Class 9 Chapter 17

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The reference point of 135.56 is between_____.
1 and 3
1 and 2
2 and 3
4 and 5

logba x logcb can be written as

logp – logq is same as:

Name of the property of real numbers used in (-√5/2)x1=-√5/2
additive identity
additive inverse
multiplicative identity
multiplicative inverse

Scientific notation of 41609 is
4.1609 x 102
0.41609 x 103
41.609 x 10-1
41609 x 101

i9= …………..

The numbers containing zero with natural numbers are called
whole numbers
real numbers
rational numbers
irrational numbers

Logarithmic form of 34 = 81 is ______
log3 81 = 4
log4 81 = 3
log81 4=3
log4 81 = 3

logy x will be equal to:
logzx/ logyz

A non terminating, non-recurring decimal represents.
a natural number
a rational number
an irrational number
a prime number

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