Everyday Science MCQS Set 48

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Everyday Science MCQS
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Everyday Science Mcqs. Here you will find the Everyday General Science Multiple Choice Questions from Biology,Chemistry,Physics and Atmospheric Studies.

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Acromeglay is caused by an excess sec ration of which pituitary hormone?
Luteinzing hormone (LH)
Thyroid stimulation hormone (TSH)
Grown hormone (GH)

The is 20 Volt accross the inductor and 15 volt across the resistance in the a.c supplied series R-L circuit. What would be the supply voltage
20 Volt
25 Volt
15 Volt
17.5 Volt

Nephrology is the study of kidneys, Neurology is the study of?
Nervous system
None of these

The branch of physics concerned with the nucleus of the atom
Nuclear Physics
None of these

Lung are enclosed in:
None of these
Pleural membrane

The blood group which is universal recipient is

An ice ball floats in to a water tank, when the ice melts, the water level
Does not change
falls down
First increases then decreases

The sum of two number is 40 and their difference is 4. The ratio of the numbers is

Superconductors are those materials
In which resistance rises to infinity below certain temperature
Which become non-conductors at transition point
Which conducts electricity in extra width
Which looses all electrical resistance

If the radius of Earth were to shrink buy one per cent , its mass remaining the same, the acceleration due to gravity on Earths surface would
remain unchanged
None of theses

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