Economics MCQS with Answers 1st Year Chapter 10

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Economics MCQS with Answers 1st Year

Factors of production are recently termed as.
None of them

It is an example of public limited company
none of the above
SHELL petroleum
President House

A person who contributes funds in partnership but does not take active part in management of business is called
helping partner
sleeping partner
temporary partner
inactive partner

A joint stock company has
unlimited capital
unlimited liability
limited liability
limited capital

Land means nature resources which are available.
Above the soil
All the above
On the soil
Below the soil

One of the following can be registered in a stock exchange.
Join stock company
Business under partnership
Sole proprietorship
Cooperative society

How many merits of organization in text book

Members of a public limited company are elected by.
Share holders
Financial institutions

An entrepreneur is a person who performs the dual function of risk-taking and control. This is the definition of
Prof. Knight
Prof. Marshall
Prof. Knees
Prof. Robbins

Members of business partnership in Pakistan are:
2 to 3
2 to 25
5 to 20
2 to 20

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