Economics MCQS with Answers 1st Year Chapter 10

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Economics MCQS with Answers 1st Year

The submit the plan to the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies along with ______ documents

One of the following is fixed capital.
Defence saving certificate
Raw material
None f the three

How many types of organization

Rice mill is a :
Sunk capital
Floating capital
None of the three
Fixed capital

Intensive cultivation means.
Use of more input at the same land
More land and less labour to be used
Extending land for cultivation
More input and more land to be used`

To promote capital investment in a country, what is essentially required is.
Stock broker
Basic infrastructure
Law and ordered
Bank credit

Land is mobile factor of production.
Mobile vertically
Not mobile
Geographically mobile
Mobile by the transfer ownership

One of the following will not be capital.
Water falls
Means of communication
Means of transportation

The capital which loses it from whenever it is used, is
Money capital
Real capital
Fixed capital
Circulating capital

They can expand their business by selling shares in the stock market
industrial cooperative societies
proprietor of a business
joint stock company
partners of the business

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