CSS Islamiat MCQS with Answers Set 21

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CSS Islamiat MCQS with Answers
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Whose nation was exterminated through the scourage of floods?
Hazrat Nuh (AS)
Hazrat Yaqoob (AS)
Hazrat Loot (AS)
Salih (AS)

How many Holy Books are mentioned in the Quran by name?

He was called as the kidnapper of the scholars:
Mahmood Ghaznavi
Haroon-ur- Rasheed
Abu Jafar Mansoor

When the Ghazwa-e-Banu Mustaliq or Ghazwa-e-Marease was fought?
4 A.H
6 A.H
3 A.H
5 A.H

Ushr is also called:
None of these
1/10 produce of lands
1/10 produce of big lands
1/10 tax on precious stones

At the time of Hazrat Moosaa (A.S) Pharaoh was the ruler of:

Who collected Quranic verses in one place?
Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Abbas (RA)
Hazrat Usman (RA)
Hazrat Umar (RA)
Hazrat Abdullah Ibne Masud (RA)

In Ghazwa-e-Muta Hazrat Khalid ibn Waleed got the title of:
None of them
Zu-ul Janaheen

Umm-ul-Masakeen was the title given to one of the wives of the Prophet (SAW).
Hazrat Zainab-binet Jehash (RA)
Hazrat Zainab binet Khuzima (RA)
Hazrat Sauda (RA)
Hazrat Safia (RA)

He sacrificed a bull, placed woods on it and the fire came from the sky to cook that meat. Which prophet is credited with this miracle?
Hazrat Ilyas (AS)
Hazrat Adam (AS)
Hazrat Dawood (AS)
Hazrat Uzair (AS)

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