Computer MCQS for FPSC Set 1

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Computer MCQS for FPSC
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Computer MCQS for FPSC Test Available Here. In this pages your can get Computer MCQS with Answers for FPSC,NTS.
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In a table cursor is moved to next field by
Single click
Enter key
Double click
Esc key

Some compilers allow variable names whose length could be up to
1 to 80 characters
1 to 60 characters
1 to 40 characters
1 to 20 Characters

External modems
Have more operational features
All of the above
Offer high transmission speed
are expensive

An entity related to itself in an ERD model refers to
Recursive relationship
One-to-one relationship
One-to-many relationship
Many-to-many relationship

CPU is an example of
A program
An output

A virus program is usually hidden in:
The disk drive
The operating system
An application program
Any of the above

Propagation of signals across a communication medium is known as

Which of the following symbol is represented as unary operator?

A LAN can transmit
All of the above
Pictures & videos
Computer data

The keyboard shortcut used to undo the last action is

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