Computer 1st Year Solved MCQS Chapter 4

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Computer 1st Year Solved MCQS
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CBT stands for
Certificate Based Training
Computer Based Trade
None of the above
Computer Based Training

MICR stands for
Magic in character redo
Magnetic ink character reader
None of the above
Magic in ink character recorder

The benefit of CAD may be summed up as:
All of the above
Speed and flexibility of production

Computer at home can be used for:
Keeping record
Making budgets
Watching movies

E-Commerce stands for;
Essential Commerce
Ethical commerce
Electrical Commerce
Electronic Commerce

A ________is an automatic programmable machine that moves and perform mechanical tasks.

Which of the following is relevant to office automation
Message – handling system
Office supports system
Document management system

A word processor can be used to:
Print text
Edit text
Write text

Most applications of robotics are in which area

Typically an ATM can be used to
Make budgets
Watch movies
None of the above
Keep records

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