Class 9 Computer MCQ with Answers Chapter 4

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Cache memory is
Faster than the main memory
Slower than the main memory
Smaller than the main memory
Only A and C

Which of the following is optical storage?
Hard Disk

Static RAM
Contents are required to be refreshed periodically
Contents are not required to be refreshed periodically
Is faster than DRAM
Only B and C

Magnetic tape devices are a popular form of a secondary storage for:
mainframe computer
micro computer
personal computer
mainframe & personal computer

1 megabyte is equal to:
103 bytes
106 bytes
109 bytes
102 bytes

The basic unit of data measurement is:

Tape storage is:
slower than the hard disk
faster than hard disk
direct access device
all of these

A byte is comprised of _______bits.

A non-volatile memory is:
secondary memory
Cache memory

The cells in the main memory are logically organized into group of:
2 bits
4 bits
6 bits
8 bits

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