2nd Year Statistics MCQS Set 3

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Bank prefers to advance loan on such documents
Which are transferable
Which are easy to keep
Whose price can be determined easily
All of them

The nature of relation between bank and customers is:
All of them
Deptor and creditor
Agent and principal
Bailer and bailee

Over draft facility is only provided on:
Saving account
All of the above
Current account
Fixed deposit

Stock certificate is a document issued by
Commercial bank
Central bank
Limited companies

Which is the quantitative method of credit control
Change in reserve ratio
Selective control
Change in margin requirement

The person in whose favour the rights of recieving the amount of cheque transferred:
All of the above

Which of the following relationships occurs if a customer deposits his money in a bank
Bank a modarib and customer as an aamal
Bank as a debtor and customer as a creditor
Bank as a creditor and customer as a debtor
Bank as an agent and customer as a principle

Which of the following institution was converted into IDBP:
Industrial bank
Pakistan investment corporation
Pakistan industrial and credit investment corporation
Pakistan industrial finance corporation

Commercial letter of credit is issued for the facilty of:
Alll of the above
Common people

What is the objective of clearing house
To control credit money
To clear the transactions of different banks
Re-discounting of bills
Training of banking staff

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