2nd Year Statistics MCQS Set 1

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Drawee of the bank draft is a
Payee of draft
Bank which issues a draft
Sender of amount by draft
Bank on which the draft is drawn

When was the process of Islamization of banking started in Pakistan

Who can issue participation term certificates
Cooperative society
All the above

Where is the head office of ZTBL

Promissory note drawn by two or more persons is called
Joint promissory note
All of the above
Individual promissory note
Foreign promissory note

How many institutions of money market

The money market in Pakistan
Is underdeveloped
Both a and b
Is developed
Does not exist

What are the objectives of monetary policy
Exchange stability
All of them
Stability in price
Stability in capital market

Which of the following is used to finance the people who want to travel abroad
All of them
Traveller’s cheque
Traveller’s letter of credit
Circular note

Promissory note means a:
Promise to pay fixed amount on fixed date
Promise to pay currency notes on fixed date
All of the above
Promise to pay goods on fixed date

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