1st Year Chemistry MCQS with Answers Chapter 10

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1st Year Chemistry MCQS with Answers
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According to classical concept, oxidation involves
All are correct
Addition of electron
Addition of oxygen
Removal of hydrogen

Fuel cells are the means by which chemical energy may be converted into
Heat energy
Magnetic energy
Sound energy
Electric energy

Electromotive force of the cell is the
May be sum or the difference of two electrode potentials
Sum of two electrode potential
Difference of two electrode potentials
Depends upon the nature of the cell

Which of the following statements is correct about galvanic cell
Reduction occurs at cathode
Cathode is positively charged
Reduction occurs at anode
Anode is negative charged

That cell in which electrical energy is converted into chemical energy is called
Electrolytic cell
Daniel cell
Galvanic cell
Fuel cell

When a non-spontaneous redox reaction is carried out by using the electrical current, then the process is called
Decomposition of the substances

If the salt bridge is not used between two half cells, then the voltage
Does not change
Decreases slowly
Drops to zero
Decreases rapidly

Stronger the oxidizing agent, greater is the
oxidation potential
Reduction potential
E.M.F of cell
Redox potential

The electrode reaction of a voltaic cell can be reversed when
Electric circuit is employed to supply the source of electricity
Concentrations of solutions are changed
Electrodes are interchanged
Temperature is increased

Electrochemical series is the arrangement of the electrodes in
Decreasing order of reduction potentials
Increasing order of reduction potentials
There is no fixed arrangement
Increasing order of oxidation reduction potential

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