12th Class Economics MCQS Set 8

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12th Class Economics MCQS
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It is not a factor of economic development

Commercial banks accept deposits and provide
Bill of exchange

On the basis of value order of Pakistans imports is
Oil, machinery, chemicals
Machinery oil chemicals
Machinery chemical oil
Oil chemicals machinery

In Japanese import more goods from Pakistan.
Japans BOP wll deteriorate
a and b of above
Our balance of payments will improve
Our BOP will deteriorate

Many people do not send their children to schools because of
Harsh teachers
a and c of above
Their own illiteracy

Choose the types of taxes
Indirect tax
Direct tax
None of these

Consumption is a function of

If we deduct direct tax from personal income we get
Net national income
Disposable income
Per capital income
Personal saving

The largest part of national income goes to
Transfer payment

Real national income increses when
none of the above
National savings increse
quantity of goods and services increases
Prices of goods are rising

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