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In grassland ecosystem annual rainfall is about 250 to
750 mm
350 mm
650 mm
450 mm

The average rainfall is between 750 – 1500 mm in
Tropical rain forests
Temperate deciduous forests
Coniferous alpine and boreal forests
Grassland ecosystem

Which one of the following pairs represents analogous features?
Elephant tusks & Human incisors
Reptilian heart & mammalism heart
Mammal fore limb & bird wing
Insects wings & bat wings

Macaca mulatta is commonly known as
Rhesus monkey

In tropical and subtropical grassland rain reaches about
2500 mm
1500 mm
3000 mm
2000 mm

The study of birds is:

Tundra ecosystem is located on Mountains
Both a & b

The parts of body use extensivly to cope with the environment become larger & stronger, while those that are not used deteriorate was argued by:
Charls darwin
Alfred wallace

Pinus wallichiana pinus roxbugil Abies pindrow picea smithiana Cederous deodara are plants of
Grassland ecosystem
Coniferous alpine and boreal forests
Tropical rain forests
Temperate deciduous forests

The random loss of alleles in a population is called:
Genetic drift
Gene flow

Annual rain fall in deserts is less than
25 to 50 cm
20 to 40 cm
15 – 25 cm
10 to 22 cm

Which one of the following would cause the hardy-weinberg principle to be inacurate?
Natural selection is present
There is no source of new copies of alleles from outside the population
The size of the population is very large.
Individual mate with one another at random

The existing species are the modified descendants of pre-existing ones according to:
Theory of organic evolution
Theory of special creation
Theory of catatrophe

In which of the following situations would evoluation be lowest for an inter breeding population?
Migration Selection PressureVariation(Due to Mutation)HighLowHigh
Migration Selection PressureVariation(Due to Mutation)Absent High High
Migration Selection PressureVariation(Due to Mutation)HighHigh Low
Migration Selection PressureVariation(Due to Mutation) AbsentLowLow

Grasslands present in temperate climates are also called

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