11th Principles of Accounting MCQS Chapter 8

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11th Principles of Accounting MCQS
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The cash book is a
Subsidiary journal and ledger
Trial balance
Ledger account
Subsidiary journal

Our cheque to Ali & Bros, returned dishonored should be credited to
Ali & Bros account
Cash account
Bank account
Cheque account

The favorable balance of bank statement is
All of these
Zero balance
Credit balance
Debit balance

A double column cash book is used to record
Cash and bank transaction
Cash transactions only
Cash, bank and discount transaction
None of these

When cash is received from debtor or customer, generally a receipt is issued to the debtor which is called
None of these
Cash voucher
Payment voucher
Receipt voucher

Bank reconciliation statement is prepared by
Customer’s accountant

The money can be deposited into bank by means of
Cheque book
Cash book
Pass book
Pay-in-slip book

The favorable balance of cash book bank column is
Both debit and credit balance
Credit balance
None of these
Debit balance

When cheque received, and deposited into bank, bank account must be
None of these
Both debited & credited

Ahmed’s cheque endorse to Akbar should be debited to
Cheque account
Cash account
Akbar’s account
Ahmed account

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