11th Class Physics MCQS Chapter 6

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11th Class Physics MCQS
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The flow of a fluid is of
One type
Two types
Four type
Three types

The unsteady flow of a fluid is called
Average flow
Viscous flow
Turbulent flow
Stream line

The frictional effect between the different layers of fluid is called
Terminal velocity
Stock’s law
Surface tension

Air blows from
Low pressure to high pressure
High temperature to low temperature
Low temperature to high temperature
High pressure to low pressure

The law of conservation of energy gives us
Bernoulli’s equation
Stock’s law
Equation of continuity

The product of cross sectional area of a pipe and speed of fluid along the pipe is

The drag force increases as the speed of object
Remains constant
Become zero

A1b1= A2b2represents
Stock’s law
Equation of continuity
Brenoulli’s equation
Newton’s law

This is used for
Co-efficient of expansion
Co-efficient of contraction
Co-efficient of viscosity
Co-efficient of friction

The regular or steady flow of fluid is called
Stream line
Turbulent flow
Average flow
None of these

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