11th Class Physics MCQS Chapter 5

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11th Class Physics MCQS
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When a body is moving along a circular path, then such a motion is called
None of these
Rotatory motion
Linear motion
Vibratory motion

Angular displacement is
Vector quantity
Basic quantity
None of these
Scalar quantity

The direction of angular acceleration is
Perpendicular to the axis of rotation
Along the axis of rotation
None of these
Opposite to axis of rotation

If the are of a circle equals its radius, then the angle subtended at the center will be
One rotation
Half rotation
1 degree
One radian

In case of planets centripetal force is provided by
Electrostatic force
Gravitational force
Coulomb’s force
Magnetic force

The equations of angular motion hold only in case when the axis of rotation is
None of these
Both a and b

The moment of inertia is analogue to

Time rate of change of angular displacement is called
Vibrational velocity
Angular velocity
Linear velocity
Rotational velocity

The artificial satellites are held in orbits by
Gravitational force
Magnetic force
All of these
Electric force

The orbital angular momentum is associated with the motion of a body along
Circular path
Curved path
Along any path
Straight path

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