10th General Science MCQS Chapter 3

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10th General Science MCQS
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The substances through which current con not pass are called:
non – metal
Semi – conductors

The elements used to increase the number of free electrons in the semi – conductor belong to:
2nd group
4th group
5th group
3rd group

Hovering satellite completes its rotation in 24 hours at the height of:
36000 km
360 km
3600 km
360000 km

The frequency of the carrier waver used of radio transmission:
40 KHZ
30 KHZ
50 KHZ
60 KHZ

The examples of semi – conductors:
sodium and potassium
calcium and potassium
carbon and nitrogen
Germanium and silicon

The substances through which current can pass easily are called:
Non – Electrolytes
Semi – conductors

Which of the following is an input device:
key board

Which of the following are electromagnetic waves:
water waves

Digital singles are represented by;
1 and 2
zero and 10
zero and 1
o and 9

The number of hovering satellites which can send transmissions to all over the world:

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