ECAT Computer Science MCQS Set 12

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ECAT Computer Science MCQS Page 3

The operators to compare operands and decide if the relation is true or false are:
Relational operators
Arithmetic operators
Logical operators
Syntax operators

Key is used in
Else if statement
If statement
Switch statement
All of the above

The first line in switch block contains:
The expression to be evaluated
The value of the first criterion
The statement to be executed if none of the criteria are true
The statement to be executed if the criterion are true

Which programming structure executes program statements in order?

______is a functional dependency in a relation between two or more non-key attributes
Partial dependency
Transitive dependency
Repeating groups
None of these

Which of the following statements is the simplest form of a decision structure?
If statement
Nested if

In 3NF a non-key attribute must not depend on a
Non-key attribute
Key attribute
Composite key
Sort key

A case can be defined as:
An individual condition to test
A set of condition of test
A statement that includes as if statement
A block of selection

Relational operators allow you to _____________ numbers.

Switch statement must use the keyword
All of the above

A key in a relation
Functionally determine all the attribute in the row
May not functionally determine any attribute in the row
Functionally determine only one attribute in the row
Functionally determine at least one attribute in the row

break keyword is used in
None of the above
If statement

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