CSS Islamiat MCQS with Answers Set 9

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CSS Islamiat MCQS with Answers

Who developed algebra?
Ibn Sina
Muhammad ibn Musa Khawarizmi
Jabir ibn Hayyan

He is called as Sani as -Nain:
Hazrat Abu Bakar
Hazrat Noah
Hazrat Yahya
Hazrat Ibrahim

The reason of defeat of Muslims in the Battle of Uhud was wealth so in which Surah Allah forbids to have the love of wealth?
Al- Tauba

who was the first one sahabia to be martyred in the history of Islam?
Hazrat Sumaina (A.S)
Hazrat Safia (R.A)
Hazrat Hafsa (R.A)
Hazrat Haajirah (A.S)

During the Orthodox Caliphate, who had the longest tenure?
Hazarat Ali (RA)
Hazarat Usman (RA)
Hazarat Umar (RA)
Hazarat Abu Bakr Siddique (RA)

Hazrat Moossa (A.S) is more mentioned in the Quran than any other Prophet. How many times he is mentioned in Quran?

Fatwa Qazi Khna is an authentic Fatwa of:
Fiqh Hanbali
Fiqh Maliki
Fiqh Shafi
Fiqh Hanali

In year which islam started to spread in Madina?
11th Nabvi
12th Nabvi
13th Nabvi
10th Nabvi

Who saw the places of Qaiser and Qisra at night on the birth of Mohammad (PBUH)?
Haleema Saadia
Abdul Mutlib
Hazrat Amna

Imam-e-Dar-ul- Hijrat was a little of:
Imam Malik
Imam Muhammad
Imam Ahmad
Imam Sha’afi

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