World Current Affairs MCQS Set 21

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World Current Affairs MCQS

According to declaration of uno 2013 is being celebrated as
both a & b
international year of water cooperation
international year of quinoa
none of these

Name the longest glacier of Pakistan?

A state of emergency is declared in which part of Burma after clashes between Buddhists and Muslims?
North Burma
Western Burma
Eastern Burma
South Burma

On 10 january 2013several bombings took place in the southwestern pakistan city of quetta and in the northern swat valley killing a total of
110 people and injuring at least 170
120 people and injuring at least 150
140 people and injuring at least 370
130 people and injuring at least 270

How much likud-beitenu party won seats in elections for the 19th knesset of israel?

From which date Pakistan started obtaining loans from the IMF?

Chenab Formula to resolve the Kashmir dispute was presented by
Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan
Ali Shah Gilani
None of these
Sultan Mahmood

Australian prime minister julia gillard broke with tradition and announced the nation would go to the polls on _ saying she wanted to give shape and order to the year.
september 25 2013
september 11 2013
september 24 2013

Who is the current Chief of IMF?
William Robe
Wolfettes John
Christine Legarde
Robert B. Zoelick

The federal government constituted a judicial commission to launch the investigation of national accountability bureau (NAB) investigation officer kamran faisals musterious death under the head of
justice (Retd) javed iqbal
justice (retd) malik imran
justice (retd) farooq ali
justice (reld) javed aslam

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