Pakistan Studies MCQS for NTS Set 17

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Pak Studies MCQS for NTS Test with Answers

National Flag of Pakistan was designed by two brothers Afzal Hussain ______?
Altaf Hussain
Munir Hussain
Saghir Hussain
Tajamal Hussain

What is the length of Baltur Glacier is?
58 km
65 km
70 km
62 km

Who was the 10th Governor of Balochistan?
Sardar M.Akbar Bugti
Lt.General M.K Arif
General Muhammad Musa Khan
Lt. General Riaz Hussain

Haran Minar is located in______.

The east Balochistan is divided from the rest of Sindh and Punjab by______.
Kirthar Ranges
Kirthar Sulaiman
Sulaiman Ranges
Chaghi Ranges

The traditional folk game of Punjab is_____.
Foot Ball
Ice Hockey

Islamabad is located at the foothill of______.
Pamirs Hills
Karakoram Hills
Margalla Hills
Kirthar Range

The world’s 11th highest peak is ______.
Gasherbrum 2
Gasherbrum 3
Gasherbrum 1

Who was the last Commissioner of Balochistan?
Major-R.A.M Shiker
None of them
Sahib Zada Muhammad Khurshid

Who was the second Prime Minister of Pakistan?
Kh. Nazim-ud-din
Ch Muhammad Ali
Feroze khan noon
Liaqat ali khan

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