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CS201 MCQS Quiz is based on introductory course in Computer Programming. This quiz helps you to understand and practice the main topics.

CS201 MCQS Quiz Main Topics

  • Software Categories
  • History of C
  • IDE
  • Starting to C
  • Expressions and Operators
  • Decisions
  • Repetition Structures
  • Loops and Operators
  • Switch Statement
  • Functions Arrays
  • Pointers Strings
  • String Manipulation Functions
  • File Handling Structures
  • Bit Manipulation
  • Pre-processor Directives and Macros
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation using C
  • Structured Programming
  • Classes and Objects
  • Memory Allocation in C++
  • Friend Functions Reference Data Type
  • Arrays of Objects Streams Stream Manipulation
  • Overloading Insertion and Extraction Operators
  • User Defined Manipulators
  • Copy Constructor & Assignment Operator
  • Template Functions
  • Template Classes
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