World Organizations General Knowledge MCQS Set 3

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World Organization General Knowledge MCQS
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Which is the act created by the Indian parliament on the subject of UN?
United nations act,1949
United nations act, 1948
united nations (privileges lmmunities) act 1947
united nations (lmmunities) act, 1946

Which country was the subject of the 1990 enlargement of the EU?

What are the functions of the world health organization?
To assist advance work to eradicate diseases
To assist government to strenghten their health service
all the above
To promote maternal and child health

In 1919, International labour organization became an autonomous partner of which organization:
League of Nations
Developed Nations
none of the above

SEATO was founded in

World Economic Outlook Report is issued annually by?
World Bank

Which institution of the UN is like a parliament of nations which meets to consider the world’s most pressing problems?
The General Assembly
The Economic and Social Council
The Security Council
The Secretariat

On 15 March 2006 the UN General Assembly voted overwhelmingly to replace the united Nations Commission on Human Rights with the
UN Human Rights Agency
UN Human Rights Committee
UN Human Rights Council
UN Human Rights Conference

When was Asian Development Bank established?

Headquarter of International American Court for Human Rights is located at
London UK
San Francisco USA
San Jose,Costa Rica

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