World Organizations General Knowledge MCQS Set 2

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World Organizations General Knowledge MCQS

In which four world areas was the united nations undertaking peace keeping operations in 2009?
Europe,North America, South America and the middle east
Asia, Africa,South America and the middle east
Africa,Asia,Europe and the Middle East
Africa,Asia,North America and the Middle east

What is the maximum number of the Members of the European parliament,set by the Treaty of Nice?

Which of following countries got observer status in SAARC?
Japan and China
Korea and China
Russian and China
Thailand and Indonesia

Which of the following statement is not correct:
By 1994 all trust territories had attained self government or independence
The last trust territory of the pacific Islands (Palau) became the 185th member state of the UN.
Trusteeship council was established by the Charter in 1945.
The functions of the Trusteeship council are transferred to the General Assembly.

Which UN body draws attention of the security council situation that is likely to endanger Inter-nations peace and security?
Special Committlee of UN
all the above
Developed countries committlee
General assembly of UN

When did UN general assembly adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
10th December 1948
15th December 1948
25th December 1948
30th December 1948

SAARC law accorded recognition in which year?

Who is elects 54 members of the UN Economic and Social council?
(a) and (b)
UN development council
UN development council
UN General Assembly

The Conference of Head of States of OIC is convened every
2 years
3 years
4 years
5 years

The amendment to Article 61 of the charter,which entered into force on 31 august, 1965, enlarged the membership of the economic and social council from 18 to :

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