World Current Affairs MCQS Set 9

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World Current Affairs MCQS
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National Peace Award of Pakistan awarded every year to children less than
18 years of age
19 years of age
15 years of age
21 years of age

US exempted how many countries for importing oil from Iran?

Pakistani militant sanaullah haq died on _after being assaulted in an indian jail as a revenge atteck following the death of sarabjit singh in pakistan.
5th may 2013
9th may 2013
7th may 2013
8th may 2013

Shahbaz Airbase is located in

Ganderbal hydro power project is being constructed by india on
chenab river
jhelum river
indus river
ravi river

Obama was successful in getting around _____more popular votes than the competitor Mitt Romney out of the eight million votes casted during the Presidential Elections.
94000 popular votes
54000 popular votes
24000 popular votes
74000 popular votes

Group of Friends of the Syrian People was firstly initiated by
UK Prime Minister David Cameron
None of these
French President Nicolas Sarkozy
US President Barack Obama

Name the person who is the third India-American in the U.S House of Representatives?
Dr. Syed Taj
Upendra Chivukula
Ami bera
Dr. Trivadi

Muhammad Mahmood Alam (MM Alam) died on
11th March 2013
13th March 2013
18th March 2013

London Olympics 2012 was started from?

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