World Current Affairs MCQS Set 4

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World Current Affairs MCQS

Where the Siachen Glacier is situated?

Which space agency released surprising pictures of the remains of huge river which ran across the red planet mars at some point of timeon 17 january 2013?
Australian space agency
European space agency
none of these

Bermuda and other bitish overseas territories on 1 may 2013 signed deals with financil centres on sharing_
new laws to strengthen the economy of erspective territories
budget information
tax information
tourism activity

Hugo Chavez died in Caracas (Venezuela) on
6th March 2013
5th March 2013
7th March 2013
4th March 2013

Which party has won maximum seats in elections for the 19th knesset of Israel?
yesh atid
the jewish home
labor party

The democratic republic of congo (DRC) on 19 may 2013 declared that it will start the work on worlds biggest hydroelectric lnga dam on congo river in

In january 2013 pakistan approved the deal which transferred operational control of gwadar port from Singapores PSA international to
indina overseas port holding ltd
chinese overseas port holdings ltd
usa overseas port holdings ltd
none of these

_ in the month of april 2013became the first US state that allowed its residents to play online poker for money legally.
los vegas
new york

The term Arab Spring was first time used by
Marc Grossman
Lynch Adams
None of these
Marc Lynch

Pakistans nuclear weapons programme is considered to be among the fastest growing in the world by Stockholm-based international peace research institutewith estimates of islamabad possessing.
150-190 unclear warheads
130-150 unclear warheads
110-210 nuclear warheads
90-110 unclear warheads

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