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Verbal MCQS for NTS Test
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Glutton : Greed
Business ; Profit
Pith : Herb
Garrulous : Cottage
Showbiz : Fame

Through the U.S. prides itself on behing a leader in the world community, a recent report shows that it lags far behind other industrialized countries in meeting the needs of its youngest and most vulnerable citizens. The U.S. has a higher infant mortality rate, a higher proportion of low birth weight babies, a smaller proportion of babies immunized against childhood diseases and a much higher rate adolescent pregnancies. These findings, described as a quiet crisis requiring immediate and far-reaching action, appeared in a report prepared by a task force of educators, doctors, politicians and business people. According to the report, a fourth of the nation’s 12 infants and toddlers live in poverty. As many as half confront risk factors that could harm their ability to develop intellectually, physically and socially. Child immunizations are too low, more children are born into poverty, more are in substandard care while their parents work and more are being raised by single parents When taken together, these and other risk factor can lead to educational and health problems that are much harder and more costly to reverse.
The crisis beings in the womb with unplanned parenthood. Women with unplanned pregnancies are less likely to seek pre-natal care. In the U.S. 80% of teenage pregnancies and 56% of all pregnancies are unplanned. The problems continue after birth where unplanned pregnancies and unstable partnerships often go hand in hand. Since 1950, the number of single parent families had nearly tripled. More than 25 percent of all births today are to unmarried mothers. As the number of single parent families grows and more women enter the work force, infants and toddlers are increasingly in the care of people other than their parents.
Most disturbingly, recent statistics show that American parents are increasingly neglecting or abusing their children. In only four years from 1987-1991, the number of children in foster care increased by over 50 percent. Babies under the age of one are the fastest growing category of children entering foster care. The crisis affects children under the age of three most severely the report says. Yet, it is this period-from infancy through preschool years- that sets the stage for a child’s future.
Which of the following statement is not true in the context of the passage?
The number of single-parent families today is approximately three times that of four decades ago
Only 20 percent of all the pregnancies in the U.S are planned
In the US the number of infants living in poverty is about 3 million
The number of children in the U.S. entering foster care has decreased after 1991
About 6 million infants in the U.S. are likely to develop educational and health problems.

Anthropologists who study orangutans, distant cousins of the human race, find in the animals behavior hints of how our earliest ancestors may have lived. It has long been accepted that primates originally dwelt in the treetops and only migrated to the ground as forests began to dwindle. While to a certain extent, all primates except humans spend at least some time dwelling in trees, the orangutans, can grow as heavy as 330 pounds and live for decades, requiring copious amounts of fruits simply to stay alive. Thus, they become very jealous of the territory where they find their food. Compounding his territoriality are the breeding habits of orangulants, since females can only breed every few years and, like humans, give birth not to litters but single off-spring.
Consequently, orangutans are solitary, territorial animals who have difficulty foraging in an part of the forest where they were not raised. Orangutans take from poachers by costums agents undergo incredible hardship on their return to the wild. Incorrectly relocating a male orangutan is especially problematic, often ending in the animal’s death at the hands of a rival who sees not only his territory but also the females of his loosely knit community under threat from an outsider. While humans, like chimpanzees, are more gregarious and resourceful then orangutans, the latter provide anthropologists with useful information about the behavior of prehominid primates and how apelike behavior influenced out ancestors search for the food and family beneath the forest canopy.
The author of the passage discusses orangutans taken from poachers in order to
Indicate the widespread practice of animal poaching
Refute the theory that orangutans can live in a variety of environments
Stress the importance of preserving orangutans as a species
Emphasize the consequences of orangutan territoriality
Contrast the behavior of orangutans with that of other apes

The Romans – for centuries is the masters of war and polities across Europe, Northern Africa and Asia Minor – have often been criticized for producing few original thinker outside the realm of positive. This criticism, while in many ways true, is not without its problems. It was, after all the conquest of Greece that provided Rome with its greatest influx of educated subjects. Two of the great disasters intellectual history – the murder of Archimedes and the burning the Alexandria’s library – both occurred under Rome’s watch. Nevertheless, a city that was able to conquer so much of the known world could not have been devoid of the creativity that characterizes so many other ancient emprises.
Engineering is one endeavor in which the Romans showed themselves capable. Their aqueducts carried water hundreds of miles along the tops of vast arcades. Roman roads built for the rapid deployment of troops, criss-cross Europe and still form the basis of numerous modern highways that provide quick access prominence to Rome’s economic and political influence.
Many of these major cities lie for beyond Rome’s original province, and Latin-derived languages are spoken in most Southern European nations. Again a result of military influence the popularity of Latin and its off spring is difficult to overestimate. During the centuries of ignorance and violence that followed Rome’s decline, the Latin language was the glue that held together the identity of an entire continent. While seldom spoken today, it is still studied widely, if only so that such master or rhetoric as Cicero can be read in the original.
It is Cicero and his like who are perhaps the most overlooked legacy of Rome. While far from being a democracy, Rome did leave behind useful political tool that serve the American republic today. “Republic” itself is Latin for “the people’s business,” a notion cherished in democracies worldwide. Senators owe their name to Rome’s class of elders; Representatives owe theirs to the Tributes who seized popular prerogatives from the Senatorial class. The veto was a Roman notion adopted by the historically aware framers of the Constitution, who often assumed pen names from the lexicon of Latin life. These accomplishments, as monumental as any highway or coliseum, remain prominent features of the Western landscape.
According to the passage, ancient Roman Roads

Connected many major cities in ancient Europe
Caused the development of modern European cities
Were products of democratic political institutions
Are similar in some respects to modern highways
Are engineering marvels unequaled in modern times


Where are my spectacles?
Here are they, on your nose!
Here they are, on your nose!
There are they, on your nose!
There they are, on your nose!

What is the tone of the author in the last sentence of the passage?

Repel : Attract
Pedal : Bicycle
Staircase : Elevator
Blaze : Spark

The art of shehnaz Begum often presents us with an idyllic vision that is subtly —- by more sinister elements, as if suggesting the —- beauty of our surroundings.
Invaded … flawed
devastated … bland
Enhanced … pristine
redeemed … hallowed
Altered … Unmarred

He is the friend _____ I trust most

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