Statistics MCQS for NTS Set 1

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Statistics MCQS for NTS
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Rejecting Ho if Ho is true is
No error
Type-II error
Type-I error
Standard error

A complete list of elements in a population is called
Sampling design
Sampling frame
Sampling Unit

Which index number may be weighted?
Both a and b

If Y2 = 5.8 and d = 1 we make the following statistical decision
We reject Ho at a = 0.01
We reject Ho at a = 0.05
We accept Ho at a = 0.01
We accept Ho at a = 0.05

If E(q?) = q then q? is called
Negatively biased
Positively biased
Unbiased estimator
Biased estimator

For r x c contingency table the number if degrees of freedom equals
(r -1) (c – 1)
(r – 1) + ( c -1)
(r x c) -1

Statistics must be:
Not comparable
Qualitative in nature
Discrete in nature

Accepting Ho /Ho is true
No error
type I error
Type II error

How many basic types of index numbers:

Given N = 5 and n = 3 in simple random sampling with replacement how many possible samples are there?

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