Principles of Banking I Com Part 2 MCQS Set 3

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Principles of Banking I Com Part 2 MCQS

Head of any government institution can open account with a bank in the capacity of
None of the above

The money sent through post office from one country to another
Bank draft
Traveller’s cheque
International money order
Letter of credit

Customer can with draw money only after the expiry of fixed time:
From current account
From all of the above
From fixed deposit
From saving account

Maintenance of minimum balance is not required in
Saving account
Basic banking account
Current account
None of these

The rate of exchange determined by two countries following non-convertible paper currency system is a point where
The purchasing power of currency is different
None of the above
The purchasing power of currency is zero
The purchasing power of currency is same

The primary objective of a central bank is to
All of the above
Advance loans to traders
Earn profit
Safeguard the national interest

The signature of the following is compulsory on B/E:
Both (B) and (C)

The detail in the memorandum of bank is recorded :
In one paragraph
All of the above
In seperate paragraphs
On one page

Treasury bill is a :
Negotiable credit instrument
Non-negotiable credit instrument

When cheque is cashed then its main foil is given to:
None of these

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