Principles of Banking I Com Part 2 MCQS Set 6

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Principles of Banking I Com Part 2 MCQS
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ATM is used to withdraw money from the
All of them
Other banks
Branch of bank in which we have the account
Any branch of concerned bank

If the rate of interest (profit) on the bank deposits is higher then the banks keep:
Less margin rate
None of the above
More cash reserve
Less cash reserve

Illiterate person provides to bank for his identification
Birth certificate
All the above
Impression of thumb

In financial crises, the central bank issues loan to
Foreign bank
Non-scheduled bank
All the above
Scheduled bank

Why does it necessary for a customer t sign the specimen signature card
To complete documentary requirements
To obtain new cheque book
To make exercise of signatures
To match with the signatures when cheque is presented for payment

The change in the address of abnk should be intimated to registar within:
Ten days
Eight days
Eighteen days
Twenty eight days

Bills of exchange is a negotiable instrument which contains
Unconditional written order
None of the above
A written order
Conditional written order

If credit money is controlled by the sale and purchase of government securities, it is called
Change in reserve ration
Moral persuation
Open market operation
Direct action

How many merits of debit card

Upper specie point is got by adding the delivery charges in following metal

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