Principles of Banking I Com Part 2 MCQS Set 5

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Principles of Banking I Com Part 2 MCQS
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What is the example of Scheduled bank
Habib bank Ltd.
Allied bank Ltd. in Pakistan
Both a and b
None of these

When a bank accepts real estate as security by way of mortgage then it is called

Which document is demanded by central bank for the conversion of non-scheduled bank into scheduled bank
Prospectus of bank
Audited annual report of bank
Copy of bye-laws
Certificate of incorporation

What is the major reason of Pakistan’s unorganized money market
Lack of cooperation among financial institutions
Absence of democracy
All the above
Issuance of loan on political basis

Imperial Bank was established in:

Drawer and payee of inland promissory note belong to
Same country
None of the above
Different cities
Different countries

Commercial bank creates credit
By advancing loans
By discounting of bills
By investment
All of them

Where are the stock certificates sold and bought
At stock exchange
At central bank
At commercial bank
At post office

Foreign exchange control reduces the
Export of capital
Circulation of capital
Import of capital
None of the above

Which document indicates the authority and limitation of bank
Certificate of incorporation

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