Physics MCQS with Answers Set 4

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Physics MCQS with Answers
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Boyle’s law is applicable in
Isobaric process
Isothermal process
Isochoric process
Isotonic process

Which of the following sources give discrete emission spectrum?
Mercury vapour lamp
Incandescent electric bulb

Two electric bulbs of 200 W and 100 W have same voltage. If R1and R2be their resistance respectively then

A p-n junction has a thickness of the order of:
1 mm
1 cm

Which one of the following phenomena is not explained by Hugen’s construction of wavefront?
Origin of sepectra

Two forces of 10N and 15N are acting simultaneously on an object in the same direction. Their resultant is

The dot product of two vectors is negative when
They are parallel vectors
None of the above is correct
They are perpendicular vectors
They are anti-parallel vectors

Surface tension of water is due to
Inter molecular repulsion
None of above
Intermolecular spaces
Inter molecular attractions

The dimensional formula of torque is:

In which case application of angular velocity is useful?
When a body is rotating
When velocity of body is in a straight line
None of these
When velocity is in a straight line

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