NTS Verbal Reasoning MCQS Set 2

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NTS Verbal Reasoning MCQS

the words or phrases that is most opposite in meaning to the word.

a related pair of words or phrases
Chasten : chide
Hedonist : war
Phlegmatic : emote
Ascetic : austerity

The history of literature really began was the earliest of the arts. Man danced for joy round his primitive camp fire after the defeat and slaughter of his enemy. He yelled and shouted as he danced and gradually the yells and shouts became coherent and caught the measure of the coherent and caught the measure of the dance and thus the first war song was sung. As the idea of God developed prayers were framed. The songs and prayers became traditional and were repeated from one generation to another each generation something of its own.As man slowly grew more civilized he was compelled to invent some method of writing by three urgent necessities. There were certain things that it was dangerous to forget and which therefore had to be recorded it was necessary to protect one’s property by making tools cattle and so on in some distinctive manner so man taught himself to write and having learned to write purely for utilitarian reasons he used this new method for preserving his war songs and his prayers of course among these ancient peoples there were only a very few individuals who learned to write and only a few could read what was written.e. Man invented writing because he wanted
To write war song
To be artistic
To write literature
To record and communicate

Enthusiasm : Euphemism
Malignant : Cancer
Start : Begin
Attend : Ignore
Sum : Difference

Recent advance in science and technology have made it possible for geneticists to find out abnormalities in the unborn foetus and take remedial action to rectify some defects which would otherwise prove to be fatal to the child Though genetic engineering is still at its infancy scientists can now predict with greater accuracy a genetic disorder it is not yet an exact science since they are not in a position to predict when exactly a genetic disorder will set in While they have not yet been able to change the genetic order of the germs they are optimistic and are holding out that in the near future they might be successful in achieving this feat They have however acquired the ability in manipulating tissue cells. However genetic mis-information can sometimes be damaging for it may adversely affect people psychologically Genetic information can therefore be abused and its application in deciding the sex of the foetus and its subsequent abortion is now hotly debated on ethical lines but on this issue geneticists cannot be squarely blamed though this charge has often been leveled at them it is mainly a societal problem At present genetic engineering is a costly process of detecting disorder but scientists hope to reduce the costs when technology becomes more advanced.This is why much progress in this area has been possible in scientifically advanced and rich countries like the U.S.A, U.K and Japan.It remains to be seen if in the future this science will lead to the development of a race of supermen or will be able to obliterate disease from this world.l. Which of the following according to the author could be the short-comings of genetics in becoming an exact science?
There is a lack of advance technology to explore hidden areas of human brain
Technicians have not been able to manipulate germ cells
Ordinary microscope is unable to observe nerve cells
Genetics is too complex to resolve some useful information

the words or phrases that is most opposite in meaning to the word.
Bottom line

the words or phrases that is most opposite in meaning to the word.

Sentence Completion
Some of the sculptures formerly____the Hindu artist are now though to have been created by one of his Muslim students
Denied by
Attributed to
Adapted from
Sub mitted to

Sentence Completion
The art of Shehnaz Begum often presents us with an idyllic vision that is subtly_____by more sinister elements.as if suggesting the_____beauty of our surroundings

the words or phrases that is most opposite in meaning to the word.

Verbal Reasoning MCQS

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