MCQS of Physics for NTS Set 3

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MCQS of Physics for NTS

Ball pen function on the principle of
Boyle’s law
Surface tension
Gravitational force

Two masses of 1 g and 4 g are moving with equal kinetic energies The ratio of the magnitudes of their linear moments is:
?2 : 1

A body moves a distance of 10 m along a straight line under the action of a force of 5 Newtons, if the work done is 25 joules the angle which the force takes with the direction of motion of the body is:

The primary winding of transformer has 500 turns whereas its secondary has 5000 turns The primary is connected to an a.c supply of 20 V, 50 Hz The secondary will have an output of
200 V, 500 Hz
200 V, 50 Hz
2 V, 50 Hz
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