MCQS of Physics for NTS Set 3

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MCQS of Physics for NTS
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Two sources of sound are said to be coherent if
They produce sound waves with zero or constant phase difference all instant of time
They produce sounds of equal intensity
They produce sounds of equal frequency
They produce sound waves vibrating with the same phase

With the increase of temperature viscosity
Remains same

How does the Young’s modulus vary with the increase of temperature?
Remains constant
First increases and then decreases

A 220 V, 50 Hz, AC source is connected to an inductance of 0.2.H and a resistance of 20 ohm in series What is the current in the circuit?
33.3 A
5 A
3.33 A
10 A

A capacitor acts as an infinite resistance for
Both AC and DC

Two point charge +3?C and +8?C repel each other with a force of 40 N. if a charge of -5?C is added to each of them then the force between will become

A body of mass 2 kg is thrown up vertically with K.E of 490 joules If the acceleration due to gravity is 9.8 m/s2 the height at which the K.E of the body becomes half its original value is give by:
50 m
25 m
10 m
12.5 m

In an AC circuit a resistance of R ohm i connected in series with an inductance L if phase angle between voltage and current be 45o the value of inductive reactance will be

A 2 kg body and a 3 kg body have equal momentum if the kinetic energy of 3 kg body is 10 j, the KE of 2 kg body will be
22.5 j
15 j
6.66 j
45 j

Energy is stored in the choke coil in the form of
Electric energy
Electro -magnetic energy
Magnetic energy

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