MCQS of Physics for NTS Set 2

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MCQS of Physics for NTS
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The conductivity of a superconductor is
Very large
Very small

A photocell with a constant p.d of V volt across it illuminated by a point source from a distance of 25 cm. When the source is moved to a distance of 1 m, the electrons emitted by the photocell
Carry 1/4th their previous momentum
Are 1/4th as numerous as before
Carry 1/4th their previous energy
Are 1/6th as numerous as before

When a hydrogen atom is bombarded the atom is excited to the n = 4 state of hydrogen atom.The energy released when the atom falls from n = 4 state to the ground state is
1.275 eV
5 eV
8 eV
12.75 eV

Radio waves of constant amplitude can be generated with

When a Na ion and a CI ion are placed in air a force F acts between them when they are separated by a distance of 1 cm from each other the permittivity of air and the dielectric constant of water are ?0 and K respectively When a piece of salt is placed in water then the force between Na+ and CI ions separated by a distance of 1 cm will be

A 50-volt battery is connected across 10-ohm resistor.The current is 4.5 A.The internal resistance of the battery is
5.0 ?
1.1 ?
0.5 ?

In an L-R circuit time constant is that time in which current grows from zero to the value
0.63 Io
0.73 I
0.50 I

To explain his theory Bohr used
Conservation of quantum frequency
Conservation of angular momentum
Conservation of energy
Conservation of linear momentum

The direction of induced current is such that it opposes the very cause that has produced it This is the law of

In case of p-n junction diode at high value of reverse bias the current rises sharply The value of reverse bias is known as
Inverse voltage
Critical voltage
Zener voltage
Cut off voltage

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