MCQS of Physical Education Class 11 Chapter 6

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MCQS of Physical Education Class 11
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Educated people are more aware about
Entertainment issues
Political issues
Health issues
Sports issues

Health education is the sum of experiences each favourably influence the habits, attitudes and knowledge relating to individual, community and social health said by
john locker
Thomas wood
Willson grout

Health education teaches principles and physical education enables to
Understand them
Learn them
Oppose them
Practice them

In other for one to be healthy and fit one needs to be educated and in order to be properly educated one needs to be healthy and fit said by
Willson grout
John locke
Delbert Oberteuffer

How many classification of health education?

How many principles of healthy life

Health and physical education works for betterment of

Health education is the translation of what is known about health into individual and community behavior patterns by means of education process was said by
Ott Romney
John Locke
Willson Grout
Dr. Thomas Wood

Prevention of diseases, hygiene, healthy eating habits are examples of
Basic health education
Basic school education
Secondary healthy education
College education

The scope and area of Health education is only to protect and maintain to health of persons accordingly physically, mentally and emotionally are said by
Willson Grout
Thomas wood
Delbert Oberteuffer

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