MCQS of Biology 1st Year Chapter 8

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MCQS of Biology 1st Year
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Fungi are different from animals because they
Have cell wall
Are non-motile
All of the above
Are absorptive heterotrophs

Fungal cell walls contain chitin, which is also found in exoskeleton of

In lichens, fungus protects the algal partner from
Both a and c
High temperature
Strong light

The closest relatives of fungi are probably
Vascular plants
Brown algae
Slime molds

E-coli of fungi are the
Brown mold
Green mold

Fungi grow best in habitats which have
Moisture & carbon dioxide
Moisture & light
Moisture & organic food
Moisture & oxygen

Asexual reproduction if fungi occurs through
All of above

An asucs is to ascomycetes as is a ……. to basidiomycetes

Which statement about fungus nutrition in not true?
Some fungi are active predators
All fungi require mineral nutrients
Facultative parasitic fungi can grow only on their specific host
Some fungi are mutualists

Which of the following is not true for spores produced by fungi
They are non-motile
They are produced in large number
They need water for their dispersal
They are haploid

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