MCQS of Biology 1st Year Chapter 13

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MCQS of Biology 1st Year
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When blood leaves the capillary bed most of the carbon dioxide is in the form of
Hydrogen ions
Bicarbonate ions
Carbonate ions
Hydroxyl ions

The irritant substances of smoke generally cause
Smoker’s yawing
Smoker’s cough
Smoker’s sneeze
Smoker’s hiccough

How much air can lungs when they are fully inflated
3.5 liters
4 liters
4.5 liters
5 liters

The respiratory system is most efficient in ______

Respiratory pigment present in muscles is called ______

Walls of the chest cavity are composed of
Ribs, intercostal muscle and diaphragm
Ribs and intercostal muscle
Intercostal muscle

Emphesema is breakdown of
None of these

During exercise the breathing rate may rise to
25 times per minute
20 times per minute
35 times per minute
30 times per minute

Blood contains ______ oxygen per 100 ml of blood when haemoglobin is 98% saturated
19.6 ml
16.6 ml
18.6 ml
17.6 ml

In the peroxisomes the glycolate is converted into

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