MCQS of Biology 1st Year Chapter 11

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MCQS of Biology 1st Year
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Carbon dioxide enters the leaves through
Gurad cells

The citric acid cycle
It is same as fermentation
Takes place in the mitochondrion
Has no connection with the respiratory chain
Produces two molecules of NAD+for every glucose molecule processed

Which statement about the chemiosmotic mechanism is not true
Protons return through the membrane by way of a channel protein
Proton pumping is associated with the respiratory chain
Has no connection with the respiratory chain
Proton are pumped across a membrane

Before pyruvate enters the citric acid cycle, it is decarboxylated, oxidized and combined with coenzyme A forming acetyl CoA, carbon dioxide and one molecule of

Which statement about ATP is not true
Some ATP is used to drive the synthesis of storage compounds
It is formed only under aerobic condition
It provides energy for many different biochemical reaction
It is used as an energy currency by all cells

Magnesium is an important untrient ion in green plants as it is an essential component of
Cell sap

The power house of the cell is

Which statement about oxidative phosphorylation is not true
It is brought about by the chemiosmotic mechanism
Its functions can be served equally well by fermentation
In eukaryotes, its takes place in mitochondria
It is the formation of ATP during the operation of the respiratory chain

During the dark reaction of photosynthesis, the main process that occurs is
Formation of ATP
Adding of hydrogen to the carbon dioxide
Energy absorption by the chlorophyll
Release of oxygen

Carbon fixation refers to the initial incorporation of

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