MCQS of Biology 1st Year Chapter 1

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MCQS of Biology 1st Year

All the living and non-living matter is formed of
Cells and cell products
Organic molecules and tissues
Atoms and sub-atomic particles
Organs and organelle

Which one of the following is employed in treatment of cancer
All of the above
Radiotherapy and chemotherapy
Antibiotics and cancer
Chemotherapy and antibiotics

The branch of Biology dealing with social behavior and communal life of human beings is
Human Biology
Social Biology
Micro Biology
Bio technology

The term of Biology is of
Latin origin
English origin
German origin
Greek origin

Which one of the following is not a viral disease
Small pox

Which one of the following is a correct sequence in biological methods
Hypothesis-observation-deduction-testing of deduction
Observation-hypothesis-deduction-testing of deduction

Which of the following is not related to cloning
The individuals resulting have similar genetic make up
Replacement of the nucleus of zygote, by another nucleus of same organism
Removal of piece of DNA or gene from the cell, and incorporating other gene or piece of DNA in it place
Separation of cells of embryo to form more embroys
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