Marketing MCQS for NTS Set 3

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Marketing MCQS for NTS

The flip side of e-marketing is ___________ the buying side of e-commerce.

In general, a company should enter only segment in which it can _______ and __________ .
offer superior value;ship faster
gain advantage over competitors;get co-op advertising
Offer superior value; gain advantages over competitors
offer lower prices; ship faster

Wainwright Industries has built a new prototype riding lawnmower especially for women. Joe .Wainwright and his staff have incorporated the functional features and must now convey the ___________ .
intended psychological characteristics
safety features

Ad man Rosser Reeves believes that firms should develop a USP for each brand and stick to it. What does USP stand?
Unique sales pitch
Unique selling product
Unique services practice
Unique selling proposition

________ are people within a reference group who, because of special skills,knowledge, personality, or other characteristics, exert influence o others
Charismatic personalities
Habitual buyers
Opinion leaders

In choosing a transportation mode for a product. shippers must balance the considerations of speed. dependability. cost, and ________ .
customer choice

Your firm added three new products earlier this year to add variety for customers. Two of them failed to reach even minimal sales. What could be a possible cause?
The products were not positioned correctly in the market
All of the above
The market size may have been overestimated
The actual products may not.have been well as they should have been

Product publicity
Public affairs
All of the above

This systematic collection and analysis of publicly available information of publicly available information about competitors and developments in the marketing environment is very useful. What is it called?
Marketing inelligence
Web Master
Sales and sales management
Marketing data

The recent rash of business scandals and increased concerns about the environment have created fresh interest in the issues of _________ and _______ .
ethics; promotion responsibility
management ethics; insider trading
ethics; social responsibility
finances; employee discrimination

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