Marketing MCQS for NTS Set 3

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Marketing MCQS for NTS
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Many marketers believe that _________ and _________ provide the best basis for segmenting business markets.
political makeup; benefits
buying behavior; revenue
buying behavior; benefits
geographic location; product type

Retailers have become concerned that there are already too many brands,with too few differences between them. Thus, Procter & Gamble and other large consumer-product marketers are now pursuing _________ strategies ________ weeding out weaker brands and focusing their marketing dollars only on brands that can achieve the number-one Or number-two market share positions in their categories.
service inseparability
social marketing

This type of store offers no home deliveries and often accepts no credit cards; however. this type of store does offer ultralow prices and deals on selected branded merchandise. What is it called?
A warehouse club
A specialty store
A superstore
chain store

A _______ is the basis of all discount operations and is typically used by sellers of convenience goods. These retailers serve customers who perform their own “locate-compare-select” process to save money.
limited-service retailer
specialty-service retailer
full-service retailer
self-service retailer

When amusement parks and movie theaters charge admission plus fees for food and other attractions, they are following a (n) _______ pricing strategy.

Banks classify customers into one of four relationship group, according to their potential profitability and projected loyalty. JP Morgan Chase Bank wishes to examine its database and identify customers who are profitable but not loyal. According to the authors of the text, it plans to use promotional blitzes to attract the group called ______
True friends

From the economic system’s point of view, the role of marketing intermediaries is to transform the _________ made by producers into the _______ wanted by consumers.
assortment of products; products
products; products
products; assortment of products
assortment of products; assortment of products

The Facts For you research firm has just released a report that one of these groups of workers has declined during the last 20 years. Which one is it?
White collar
Blue collar

Exclusive dealing is legal as long as it does not ___________ or tends to create a monopoly and as long as both parties enter into the agreement _________ .
substantially lessen competition; legally
interfere wit competitors; forcefully
restrict trade; voluntarily
substantially lessen competition; voluntarily

The prospecting step in the selling process includes identifying and _________ the prospects. Without both of them much time and effort will be wasted.
making an appointment with

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